Skylight Counselling offers a confidential space in which to think about and discuss something that is troubling you.

Skylight Counselling Aberdeen

At Skylight Counselling we offer a non-judgemental approach, discussing what you choose to speak about and helping you to reach your own conclusions or decisions about your situation.

We offer a counselling service to individual adults and to children and young people about a wide range of matters. We also provide counselling for families experiencing difficulties in their relationships. This may involve a combination of individual counselling along with sessions where the different members of the family meet and are given the opportunity to consider their relationships and offer feedback to each other in the presence of the counsellor(s). This form of joint family counselling is particularly effective.


In addition we provide a specialist counselling service for families dealing with divorce or separation. We can support children and adults who are struggling to cope with the difficulies encountered as a result of family breakdown, recognising that this is a stressful time for everyone.

We can offer counselling through talking but also have experience using more creative forms of expression such as art and play. This is particularly relevant for children and young people when words may be difficult.